True Nature Consulting

What True nature consulting offers you

True Nature Consulting

True Nature Consulting offers enduring spiritual transformational practices that support you to:

* Take the next steps in your personal evolution and inner leadership development.
* Consciously navigate the edges of your current life changes.
* Address and shift limiting patterns and paradigms.
* Attune to your innate wisdom and knowing.
* Access and be your innate, multi-dimensional true nature.
* Steward your inner ecosystem with courage, sensitivity and compassion.
* Contribute your unique presence and skills to our world currently at profound crossroads.

Your Inner ecosystem

 An ecosystem is a community of interconnected diverse species that work together to contribute to the health of the whole ecosystem in which every species takes up its unique niche.

Your true nature is a multi-dimensional inner ecosystem containing many diverse species of inner figures and capacities. As you come to know and steward the multiplicity of yourself in a mature and sacred way, you access inner resources from which to offer wisdom, strength, vision and fierce-hearted action in service to the greater good. This is at the heart of generative “inner leadership.”


Sheila Bélanger

Inner Leadership & Life Passages Coach
I have a unique capacity to track the currents of soul. With insight, humor and fierce compassion, I masterfully guide you to effectively navigate the mysterious edges where your limiting old patterns and life identities meet your deep longing to be an authentic and generative world citizen and leader.

I am deeply committed to supporting all “leaders” working at the front-lines of systemic organizational change, ecological sanity and cultural evolution. I have a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology,  extensive training with Archetypal Astrology, Process-Oriented Psychology, Soulcraft™,  Guided Imagery and Earth-based energy healing techniques.  I am a certified coach through the International Coach Federation and a gifted trainer of facilitators. 

"While Sheila offers poignant paradigms and practices for the journey, the more potent alchemy comes from her own inner mastery and integration which shines through her teaching and guidance. "
Sarah Walston

Learn to steward your inner ecosystem

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