True Nature Consulting

tap into the Power to reinvent yourself at your edges

True Nature Consulting

Offers potent catalyzing guidance for your transformation journey:

* Dynamic and illuminating inner work practices.
* Expansive coaching at the edges of your current life changes.
* Do-it-yourself courses to shift limiting patterns and paradigms.
* Techniques to access your remarkable multi-dimensional nature.
* Pathways for you to contribute to our profound crossroads times.

Sheila Bélanger

Strategic Transformation Coach
I am a dynamic and catalyzing coach and guide to your transformation journey at the inner edge territories. I have over 35 years effectively translating consciousness-shifting inner work practices into life-changing ways. I guide you to reinvent yourself at your edges of change and live into your full potential.

My varied background with consciousness-shifting modalities includes a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology,  extensive training with Archetypal Astrology, Process-Oriented Psychology, Meditation, Soulcraft™,  Guided Imagery and Earth-Based healing techniques. 

I am a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation and a gifted trainer of group facilitators. 

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Your Inner Visionary

You are a multi-dimensional being who contains many diverse inner figures and capacities. At your edges of change, your Inner Visionary knows how to utilize effective consciousness-shifting practices to discover and steward your multiplicity in a mature and sacred way. As you do this, you can offer wisdom, strength, vision and fierce-hearted action in service to the greater good.

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