True Nature Consulting

tap into the Power to reinvent yourself at your edges

True Nature Consulting

Offers potent catalyzing guidance for your transformation journey:

* Dynamic and illuminating inner work practices.
* Expansive coaching at the edges of your current life changes.
* Do-it-yourself courses to shift limiting patterns and paradigms.
* Techniques to access your remarkable multi-dimensional nature.
* Pathways for you to contribute to our profound crossroads times.

Sheila Bélanger

Transformation Coach
I am a dynamic and catalyzing coach and guide to your transformation journey at the inner edge territories. I have over 35 years effectively translating consciousness-shifting inner work practices into life-changing ways. I guide you to reinvent yourself at your edges of change and live into your full potential.

My varied background with consciousness-shifting modalities includes a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology,  extensive training with Archetypal Astrology, Process-Oriented Psychology, Meditation, Soulcraft™,  Guided Imagery and Earth-Based healing techniques. 

I am a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation and a gifted trainer of group facilitators. 

"While Sheila offers poignant paradigms and practices for the journey, the more potent alchemy comes from her own inner mastery and integration which shines through her teaching and guidance."
Sarah Walston

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Your Inner magician

You are a multi-dimensional being who contains many diverse inner figures and capacities. At your edges of change, your Inner Magician knows how to utilize effective consciousness-shifting practices to discover and steward your multiplicity in a mature and sacred way. As you do this, you can offer wisdom, strength, vision and fierce-hearted action in service to the greater good.

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