“Coaching is a process, a journey of discovery which the coach and the client embark on together, committed to the client achieving their greatest potential… The client possesses an inherent wisdom that contains the secrets of the way forward. It is the coach’s role to help the client access and mobilize that wisdom.”  Global Coaching Institute

As a coach, Sheila Bélanger carries a process-oriented approach based in depth psychology and systems thinking. She masterfully works with a client at their edge, the precise point of change where the conscious and unconscious dimensions meet and where the flickering indicators of a client’s true potential lie. At the edge, Sheila supports a client to access their innate wisdom, make sustainable changes and live authentically into their true potential.

Currently Sheila’s coaching practice has a few openings for new clients. For information, contact Sheila via the Contact page. For referrals for other coaches, visit the Resources page.