“What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”

Adele Basheer


True Nature Consulting supports you to access wisdom from your body, emotions, intuition and guided imagery using practical tools and processes.




Sheila Belanger is a soul-rooted life passages guide and coach and Founder of True Nature Consulting. Her work weaves together her decades of experience as an archetypal astrologer, nature-based soul guide, neo-shamanic practitioner, and life passages coach.

Sheila supports you to authentically embody your full potential by reclaiming your unique intuitive wisdom. Sheila is in the business of helping to grow outrageous, empowered citizens and leaders who can passionately contribute to the current deep collective and personal changes that are rocking our world.

Sheila has a M.A in Transpersonal Psychology, is a certified coach (through ICF), carries a Process Work Certificate (from Process Work Institute), and is a trained soulcraft™ guide with Northwest Soulquest.


Soulcraft™ is a registered trademark of Animas Valley Institute.