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Don’t continue to be held hostage by your Inner Critic this year.

Instead, make 2020 the year you break free to embody your Inner Leader. 

You could be tapping into the strength of your Inner Leader, who is mature, compassionate and wise.

Instead, you’re wasting precious time fighting with your Inner Critic.

Imagine breaking your Inner Critic’s toxic spell of smallness and releasing the negative voices inside.

Now imagine having simple and supportive inner work practices that you can learn in one week in about 30 minutes a day.

Your Inner Critic tries to stop you with limiting self-talk, punitive inner mantras and dramatic fear stories. Its territory of spell-making is your strategic mind. You need attitude adjustment practices to break the typical spells of your Inner Critic.

Some Key Attitude Adjustments to Break Typical Inner Critic Spells

Inner Critic Spell Actuality
bad-review "You are wounded, small and need my protection.” good You are a multi-dimensional being with innate wholeness and many inner resources that you can develop.
literary “Listen to me. I know what's best for you. I’m taking care of you.” caged heart Your Inner Critic is a core wounded inner figure who is out of sync with your true identity.
dislike “The world is dangerous. You need to stay small and hidden.” water You are the steward of an Inner Ecosystem of many diverse "species" (inner figures) and belong to an amazing world.
no “This is just how the world is. You can't change it nor yourself.” like heart You are a complex being with the ability to change, grow and be more authentic and aligned with your true nature.

Don’t continue to be held hostage by your Inner Critic in this year.

Instead, make 2020 the year you break free to embody your Inner Leader. 

Break the Inner Critic's Spell

7 Short Sessions to Shift to an Inner leader mindset

This is an easy-to-follow and accessible one-week online course to help you begin to successfully shift your mindset.

It follows the True Nature Alignment Roadmap, a practical and potent guide to your transformative journey.

The course includes guided imagery journeys, short meditation sessions and a workbook with journaling prompts.

Hello, I’m your guide Sheila Bélanger. I am a certified coach with over 35 years experience supporting thousands of people to successfully navigate their key edges of change. I use the tools of guided imagery, journaling, mindfulness meditation, Process Work and nature-based practices.

I created the True Nature Alignment Roadmap as a practical, effective guide for transformative inner work to shift limiting mindsets and access your Inner Leader.

The course uses the 6 steps of the True Nature Alignment Roadmap

There are 7 sessions that take no more than 30 minutes each to complete.

Free Preview of Session 1 of the Course (duration is 15 minutes)

Session 1: Introduction to the Course

Offers an overview of the course and clear directions on how to complete it in one week.

Session 2: Roadmap Step 1

Supports you through journal reflection questions to track and understand how the Inner Critic casts a spell in your mind. 

Session 3: Roadmap Step 2

Offers an introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, a proven simple, yet profound, practice to support you to make life-changing attitude adjustments.

Session 4: Roadmap Step 3

Explores the roots of your wounded inner figures and how to access the gifts and strengths of your innate wholeness, especially your Inner Leader.

Session 5: Roadmap Step 4

Introduces you to a practical map of the human developmental journey. Offers journal reflection questions to help you apply the map to understand and navigate inner and outer changes.

Session 6: Roadmap Step 5

Explores how to cultivate your Inner Leader so you can steward your unique Inner Ecosystem that holds your diverse “species” (inner figures) and terrains.

Session 7: Roadmap Step 6

Weaves together the True Nature Alignment Roadmap practices that you’ve explored. Includes journal reflection questions so you can craft an Inner Leader Habit Plan to support you going forward.

Here’s some folks who’ve had tangible results from their work with Sheila:

Break the Inner critic's spell in 2020!

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Step 2: You’ll be taken to your True Nature Transformation library where you have access to both the course and its supportive Popup Community Group. At the Library page, click on the “View Product” button to access the course.

You’ll access the dashboard for the course and can start the first session. Click on the Introduction to begin the course.

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Break the Inner Critic's Spell: $325 (Suggested price)

This is NOT a fit for you if:

This IS a fit for you if:

  • You do not struggle with the “toxic smallness” spell of your Inner Critic.
  • You’re not interested in doing short inner work practices.
  • You do not want to start, or reconnect to, a simple mindfulness meditation practice.
  • You don’t want to do guided imagery journeys.
  • You don’t want a do-it-yourself online course to get you the results that you’re looking for.
  • You are done wasting your time fighting with your Inner Critic.
  • You’re willing to give 30 minutes a day for one week to do inner work practices.
  • You’re ready to do a daily short mindfulness meditation practice.
  • You’re willing to do simple guided imagery journeys.
  • You are sufficiently self-directed to complete a do-it-yourself online course to get you the results that you want.

You might be tempted to go back to your old way of wrestling with your Inner Critic. 

That’s not the best use of your time. You need to shift your mindset to avoid going under the entrenched  spells of your Inner Critic.

The Break the Inner Critic’s Spell online course is a resource of simple, supportive and effective inner work practices that you can return to as much as needed.

Sheila Bélanger is known for her unique capacity to track and navigate the currents of soul. With insight, humor and fierce compassion, she masterfully guides you to effectively navigate the rich and mysterious edges where your limiting old patterns and life identities meet your deep longing to be an authentic person and world citizen.

She is deeply committed to supporting people who are working at the front-lines of systemic organizational change, ecological sanity and cultural evolution. Sheila’s background includes a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and extensive training with Process-oriented Psychology, Soulcraft™, Archetypal Astrology and Guided Imagery. She is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation and a gifted trainer of facilitators