True Nature Consulting

Online Courses

Do-It-Yourself online courses offer transformative mindset and inner work practices to help you cultivate your authentic visionary inner leader 

True nature Transformation school

On-line Courses to shift limiting mindsets and cultivate your true nature

Are you ready to reinvent yourself at the edges of change and live more fully as a generative visionary?

Enroll in courses that teach you:

  • Effective mindset-shifting practices
  • How to access and use inner resources
  • To reinvent yourself at your edges of change
  • To cultivate intuitive and visionary leadership

Free Course!

In this free 7-Day Challenge Course, you’ll learn a quick and easy guided imagery skill to expand your mindset and gain access to more of your innate visionary wisdom.

Each daily course lesson or practice takes less than ten minutes to complete.

Foundational course

A Practical 7-Session Course to:

Seven sessions to explore potent and effective mindset-shifting practices to help you begin to move beyond a fear mindset and access your creative and visionary mindset.

"Who we are is how we lead."

~Brené Brown

explore your generative visionary nature