Are you willing to transform yourself and break the spell of toxic fear and smallness…

…and align with the mature part of who can steward all the inner parts of you with compassion, strength and wisdom?

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7-day email challenge

Use the next 7 days to reinvent yourself and break the sabotaging spells of toxic fear and smallness and align with your wisdom, strength and maturity.

With the 7-day Challenge, you’ll receive a daily email that introduces you to a transformative inner work practice. You’ll get a daily short action that you can complete with that practice in 30 minutes or less.

At the end of this challenge, you’ll have insights, tools and practices that you can use to continue to break free of toxic fear and smallness.

Strategic Transformation Coach

I am a certified coach with over 35 years experience supporting thousands of people to successfully navigate their key edges of change by reinventing themselves. The tools I use in my work are guided imagery, reflective journaling, mindfulness meditation, Process Work and nature-based practices. 

I created the Transform Toxic Fear Email Challenge as a simple and effective way for you to dive into inner work practices that get you results! I want to help my people navigate these tumultuous times in empowering ways.

Sheila Bélanger

What can Sheila offer you?

Sheila is an exceptional mentor, coach, guide and teacher. She is powerfully gifted and offers a solid compassionate presence along with a great sense of humor at her foundational core. She guides, teaches and leads with a balanced blend of inclusiveness, humility and directness.

Jo Ann Fjellman

 Sheila delightfully blends deep wisdom and a spritely heart. Her wholeness will make your own want to come out and play. She invites you to contact what you’ve been longing for, to see what’s in the way of this, and to understand how you might tend to it.

Sarah Walston

So what are you doing daily to break the spells of toxic fear and smallness?

What if I could offer you six simple, effective inner work practices to use to break toxic fear and smallness spells?

And what if you could complete each practice in 30 minutes or less? 

This 7-day challenge follows the Transformation Journey Roadmap, a practical six-stage roadmap that supports you to:

  • Transform limiting patterns and mindsets
  • Utilize maps, practices and tools to navigate your edges of change between the outworn versions of self and who you long to be
  • Cultivate more deeply your innate wisdom, resources and capacities
  • Establish ongoing catalyzing practices to stay aligned with your True Nature

Six Stages of the Transformation Journey Roadmap

track your inner figures

Understand how key inner figures contribute to your habitual limitations.

make attitude adjustments

Make key mindset shifts to develop a visionary mindset.

gather your inner allies

Cultivate sustainable relationships with inner allies of wholeness.

use maps to navigate edges

See and track the bigger picture of your life journey.

steward your sensitivity

Embrace self-responsibility and respect your sensitivity.

apprentice to your inner visionary

Offer your unique presence to the world in mature, grounded ways.

What will you get with the Free Transform Toxic Fear Email Challenge? 

For 7 days, you’ll get a daily email that describes a transformative inner work practice and how to apply it (in 30 minutes or less) to break toxic fear and smallness spells. Includes journal reflections, short teaching videos, a helpful life passage map and links to download audio files of guided imagery journeys.

As soon as you sign up, check your email for Day 1 of the Email Challenge. Then dive into the inner work practices.