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In these times of  relentless unraveling of normal realities,  you’re committed to transform your habitual limiting mindsets and grow into your role of Intuitive Visionary Change Agent.

You are a multi-dimensional being with innate wholeness and many levels of awareness that you can cultivate.

Instead, you’re wasting precious time wrestling with wounded inner figures.

Imagine taming the paralyzing presence of your limiting habitual patterns.

Now imagine having transformative mindset practices that you can learn at your own pace.

The thing is that you’re caught in the limiting belief that consensus reality is the only game in town.  But. You have natural capacities to access other dimensions of wisdom from your innate wholeness and Inner Visionary.

The territory of your wounded habitual mindset is your polarizing strategic mind that views life from a binary perspective. You need potent inner practices to access a larger view and go beyond your acculturated mind! 

Don’t continue to be held hostage by your habitual mindsets.

Instead, break free to embody your Inner Visionary. 

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The Transformation Journey Roadmap

Six Proven Practical Steps to Go from Overwhelmed Empathetic Sponge to Grounded Visionary Change Agent

 Your VIBES Community Membership includes:

  • Core Content Modules that guide you through the Six Stages of the Transformation Journey Roadmap at your own pace.
  • VIBES Members Community Group: A private forum for group connection.
  • Weekly Live VIBES Community Calls: Includes Group Practice, Coaching, Training and Q&A.
  • Compassionate and catalyzing coaching from an experienced Transformation Coach.

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Meet Strategic Transformation Coach Sheila Bélanger

I am a dynamic and catalyzing coach and guide to your transformation journey at the inner edge territories. I have over 35 years effectively translating consciousness-shifting practices into life-changing ways. I guide you to reinvent yourself at your edges of change and live into your full potential.

My varied background with consciousness-shifting modalities includes a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, extensive training with Archetypal Astrology, Process-Oriented Psychology, Soulcraft™, Guided Imagery, Meditation and Earth-Based energy healing techniques. 

Follow the 6-Stage Transformation Journey Roadmap

  • Transform limiting patterns and mindsets
  • Utilize maps and practices to navigate the edges of change 
  • Cultivate your innate wisdom, resources and capacities
  • Establish ongoing  practices to stay aligned with your Inner Visionary
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Stage 1: Track Your Inner Figures

Discover how key inner figures contribute to your habitual limitations. Learn to track yourself using your four primary intelligences of senses, feelings, imagination and deep thinking.

Stage 2: Make Attitude Adjustments

Make key mindset shifts using mindfulness meditation and Process Work practices to shift to a visionary mindset.

Stage 3: Gather Your Allies

Cultivate sustainable relationships with inner and outer allies. Explore potent guided imagery and embodied nature practices to access your innate resources.

Stage 4: Use Maps to Navigate Your Edges

See and track the bigger picture of your life using effective human developmental maps.  Use journal reflection questions to help you apply the maps to understand and navigate inner and outer changes.

Stage 5A: Steward Your Consensus Reality Sensitivity

Respect your sensitivity with your inner figures as well as in your outer relationships. Embrace self-responsibility with inner practices to navigate life in grounded and effective ways.

Stage 5B: Steward Your Dreamland Sensitivity

Respect your sensitivity and  your empathetic and intuitive connection with the multi-worlds. Embrace self-responsibility with inner practices to empower you to cultivate your visionary nature.

Stage 6:  Apprentice to Your Inner Visionary

Learn to offer your mature presence to the world in unique and grounded ways by effective cultivation of your relationship to your Inner Visionary.

Here’s what else you get as a VIBES Community member:

A dedicated private forum for connection and sharing your transformational journey with the community (it is similar to a private Facebook group).

Members can join weekly live VIBES community calls either live or access the recorded calls at your convenience.

Here’s what some current VIBES Community members are saying about their experience: 

I would highly recommend the VIBES Community membership to others. It is a wonderful platform for self-development and growth. Sheila is the most incredible guide, so much knowledge, compassion and wisdom.”

“In unsettled times as they currently are, it is so helpful to be held in a deep community-way, and I am noticing quite a few people around me saying that they want to engage in some inner work but have nowhere or no one to turn to for fear they may “break the rules“ of staying distant…. and this Platform is such a safe well held opportunity!” 

Thank you so much for the work you have put together. It really is giving me a solid structure and very definite direction for my internal work as I define my edges.”

This has been so wonderful for me and exactly what I needed at this time in history and my life. Deepest gratitude.”

Apprentice to your inner visionary!

Membership opens twice a year. Pay monthly or get two months free when you pre-pay annually. Click on the fee Level that Works for You!

2020 open enrollment ends july 30th-join now!

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The Intuitive Visionary’s Transformation Roadmap is NOT a fit for you if:  

The The Intuitive Visionary’s Transformation Roadmap IS a fit for you if:

  • You do not struggle with  limiting inner figures and their toxic mindset spells.
  • You’re not interested in doing potent consciousness-shifting practices.
  • You do not want to join a community of kindred spirits to share potent transformation journeys.
  • You do not want to start, or reconnect to, a simple mindfulness meditation practice.
  • You don’t want to do guided imagery journeys nor journaling practices. 
  • You wrestle with un-metabolized trauma and wounded patterns that would preclude you from safely entering alternative states of consciousness.
  • You don’t want a do-it-yourself transformation journey to get you the results that you’re looking for.
  • You are done wasting your time fighting with your with limiting inner figures.
  • You’re willing to commit to learn and do transformative inner practices.
  • You do want to join a community of kindred spirits to share potent transformation journeys.
  • You are willing to do ongoing reflective journaling practices.
  • You’re ready to do a daily short mindfulness meditation practice.
  • You’re willing to do guided imagery and consciousness-shifting practices.
  • You are sufficiently self-directed and psychologically resourced to stay with a do-it-yourself transformation journey to get you the results that you want.

You might be tempted to go back to your old way of wrestling with your inner wounded figures and their habitual mindsets.

That’s not the best use of your time. You need to shift your mindset to avoid going under entrenched spells of fear and limitation.

The Intuitive Visionary’s Transformation Roadmap course offers you supportive  resources of potent and effective consciousness-shifting practices that you can return to as much as needed in your own timing.

Sheila Bélanger is known for her unique capacity to track the visionary currents of soul. With insight and fierce compassion, she masterfully guides you to effectively navigate the rich and mysterious edges where your limiting old patterns and life identities meet your deep longing to be an authentic and visionary human.

She is deeply committed to supporting people who are working at the front-lines of systemic organizational change, ecological sanity and cultural evolution. Sheila’s background includes a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and extensive training with Process-oriented Psychology, Meditation, Soulcraft™, Archetypal Astrology and Guided Imagery. She is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation and a gifted trainer of facilitator

2020 open enrollment ends july 30th-join now!

Enroll for a monthly fee of $22

Enroll with a pre-paid discounted annual fee of $220

Test Drive the Membership with a Free 10-Day Trial